See our Villager stories from the Village Co-Living  YouTube channel .

See our Villager stories from the Village Co-Living YouTube channel.


Co-living brings up different images to different people. Someone might think of a forerunner sustainable community, another might think about the communal life in TV show Friends and the third might think about a roommate who later became a close friend. There are as many stories as there are people. How do you know if communal living is for you?

A Village Co-Living resident can be a person…

…who gets concrete value from living in a community
…who needs to live affordably
…whose life is affected by changes
…who benefits from combining living with other things such as work and hobbies
…who wants to live by sustainable values
…who wants to participate in location design and community decision making

Village Co-Living residents are eg…

…families (eg modern families and single parents)

Do you value affordable rent, support from the community (eg childcare, senior support, everyday chores) and the possibility to have an impact in community decision making? You are not primarily interested in home ownership and want to invest your surplus in other things such as entrepreneurship, hobbies and traveling? Do you want your own peaceful private space and a chance to use high quality shared spaces that are designed with and for your community?

Co-living might be just the thing you are looking for. Sign up to explore our locations.